phys|i|cal1 W1S2 [ˈfızıkəl] adj
1¦(body not mind)¦
[Date: 1400-1500; : Medieval Latin; Origin: physicalis, from Latin physica; PHYSICS]
related to someone's body rather than their mind or emotions
→↑mental, emotional ↑emotional
She was in constant physical pain.
the physical and emotional needs of young adults
people with severe physical disabilities
Don't be put off by his physical appearance .
He was obsessed with physical fitness .
2.) ¦(SEX)¦
a physical relationship involves sex rather than just friendship
My attraction to him was totally physical.
Their physical relationship had never been very good.
3.) ¦(PERSON)¦ informal
someone who is physical likes touching people a lot
She's a very physical person.
4.) ¦(VIOLENT)¦
involving touching someone in a rough or violent way
Football can be a very physical game.
I was a bit worried that the argument might become physical.
5.) ¦(REAL/SOLID)¦
relating to real objects that you can touch, see, or feel
the physical world around us
the physical environment
They were kept in appalling physical conditions.
6.) ¦(NATURAL)¦
relating to or following natural laws
a physical explanation for this phenomenon
7.) ¦(SCIENCE)¦ [only before noun]
a physical science is an area of scientific study that is related to ↑physics
physical chemistry
>physicality [ˌfızıˈkælıti] n [U]
the physicality of sport
physical 2
physical2 also .physical examin'ation n
a thorough examination of someone's body by a doctor, in order to discover whether they are healthy or have any illnesses or medical problems

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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